Monday, January 30, 2012

Do It Yourself Disaster

When we moved to our first home from our apartment last year, the only appliance we hauled from old place was a recently bought pair of GE Front load Washer and dryer. When we bought them in set a year before, the company sales man had fixed them. And who has time or interest to watch what they are doing when we are paying them, right?

Our move was almost done and we were exhausted but in a household where there are two kids under 2, availability of laundry come at higher priority than fixing bed stand.  I asked my husband to attach that washer at least if I have to load the machine when he is not around. Dryer was plug and play, and I know I could do that myself.  He said the duo is hooked up and I was worry free.

During the weekend, I started my load of dedicates and went upstairs to give shower to the little one. To my horror, the water was cold and wouldn’t change the temperature irrespective of my change in settings. 3 days living in a house and my water heater is broken, great!!. 45 minutes later, I opened the washer, and my mouth held wide open for at least 45 seconds when I felt the hot silk blouses and wool sweaters. I immediately did 2+2 and figured out that pipes were wrongly attached to Hot and Cold Water of washer and dryer. I asked my husband to double check and yes, it was true. Even though I lost some of my beautiful blouses and sweaters were shrunk to the size that my daughter would be able to fit in after 15 years, damage to me was not all that bad.
Since then “DIY” has a different full form in our home for my husband- Don’t Involve Yourself.